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Sample Box

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Feeling overwhelmed?

Whether you're new to us, new to coffee, or just bored and want to mix it up, our sample box gives you a snapshot of our coffees.

Each box comes with a rotating selection of three 100-gram bags. Choose between three different themes, Roaster-Curated, Dark Roast, and Espresso:


Expand your taste experience with a hand-selected set of some of our most unique and interesting offerings. This set is a perfect way to explore a variety of taste profiles, regions, and processing methods. This set will almost always be exclusively light-roasted coffees to highlight the terroir of the coffees. 

Dark Roast

For the coffee drinker who loves that classic, quintessential cup of coffee: dark, rich and bold. While many roasteries shy away from dark roasts, we embrace them and the people that enjoy drinking them! Here you'll find a unique selection of our dark-roasted single origins and blends. Discover just how much nuance and latitude of flavour can exist between different varieties of dark roasts.


The perfect set for the home barista. Two of our classic espresso blends (Everyday Gourmet House Espresso & St. Lawrence Espresso Fairtrade-Organic), plus one surprise choice. A great way to try out our espresso roasts while also putting your skills to the test (100 grams isn't much to dial in!). 


Coffees photographed are for presentation only and not necessarily what will be in your set!

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